Yahoo need not pay Launchcast webcast royalties to Sony, rules court

New York - Sony has lost its copyright case against Yahoo, with a court ruling that Yahoo's Launchcast internet radio service shouldn't have to pay royalties for the songs it plays.

Yahoo will only be liable to pay licensing fees to SoundExchange, the organization that collects royalties for musicians.

The case dates back to 2001, with a ruling in Yahoo's favour in 2007, but Sony appealed.

The appeal court judges accepted Yahoo's argument that Launchcast didn't give users enough controls for the service to be considered interactive, the deciding factor in whether royalties were due.

Launchcast allows users to create a personalized 'radio station', playing their favourite musical genres. But, said judge Richard Wesley, "This degree of control is no different from a traditional radio listener expressing a preference for a country music station over a classic rock station."

RIM Acquires Torch Mobile browser

Motorola, Samsung, HTC use Google Android to target iPhone. Too little, too late?

Verizon FiOS DVRs will stream software from YouTube, DailyMotion,,, and Veoh.

Yahoo/Intel Connected TV widgets

FiOS SDK, Verizon Unveils their Vision for the Web-Connected TV

Joseph Ambeault, Director of Consumer Product Development Video

Nick Bilton, NYTimes

Emerging Technologies conference (ETech), Nick Bilton, the design integration editor and user interface specialist at the Times' research and development lab, spoke about "sensors, smart content, and the future of news," ...

Guardian newspaper in the UK

Aravo, SaaS


Eucalyptus, Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems

Enomaly, Elastic Computing Platform

3Tera, Platform as a Service (PaaS)


RightScale, Platform Process Software



Layered Technologies


Yahoo SearchMonkey Adds Facebook Profile Actions Into Search Results

by Erick Schonfeld on February 26, 2009

Yahoo just embedded some Facebook functionality directly into its search results via SearchMonkey. When you search for a person on Yahoo, if they have a public Facebook profile, a link to that profile will appear in results, along with a photo and several actions you can take. these include adding them as a friend, “poking” them, sending them a message, and viewing their friends.

You can see how it looks like in the image above, which shows results for Yahoo marketing VPRaj Gossain. The blue links under his name are the actions you can take. These are similar to the deep links SearchMonkey added to Yahoo Search for Wikipedia results.

The links save you at least one step. But I’ve also noticed that the Facebook profile is often far down the results page. I wonder if this will help to change that. By all rights, Facebook should be the default people search, whether on Facebook or on search engines like Yahoo and Google.

Times Open

Times Open: Developers Gather to Discuss The New York Times APIs and more

Written by Rick Turoczy / February 23, 2009 2:00 AM 

timesopen.jpgHere at ReadWriteWeb, we're big fans of the Times Open strategy, the program that focuses on making the data of The New York Times more accessible to the developer community. We heralded the launch of the program, covered the first available API, and marveled at the access to content the APIs have begun to provide. Now the Times has taken another momentous step forward: bringing developers together for Times Open, the publication's inaugural API seminar...

It's Girls Day at Google - National Society of Professional Engineers

It's Girls Day at Google

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