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Learning Hints:
  • Tap buttons to start the app activity
  • Swipe photos to turn the page
  • Select terms from the left slider
  • KEYS suffixes, prefixes, acantho acro aeto allo amphi anchi antho anthrop anti auto baro bio bronto cardio carno cephalo cera chasmo chiro chron crypto cyon deca derm dino diplo don echino ennea geo giga gnathus hecto hepta hetero hexa homo hydro hyper iguano kentro lepto lithos lopho lyco macro masso mega megal metro micro mono morph morph nano neo neo nycho octa odon oligo onyx ops opsis ornis oro ortho ovi pachy pan path ped penta penta phalanges philo phon phyllo pod poly pro proto pteron pteryx pyro rhino sarco saurus segno seismo smilo stego steno tetra thermo thero titano tops tri troo tyranno 90+ Rulesof English, KEYS genre theme audience paragraph coherence paragraph unity parallelism paraphrase plagiarism voice action adventure comedy documentary erotic fantasy historical horror mystery political romance satire science fiction suspense allegory catachresis metaphor parable character plot setting conclusions draft hypothesis introduction outline paragraph thesis topic alliteration haiku limerick ode sestet sonnet triplet verse argumentative descriptive expository narrative conditional imperative indicative mood subjunctive antonym cliché compound word euphemism euphony faddish word figurative idiom homonym idiom jargon onomatopoeia prepositional idiom slang synonym acrostic anecdote hook hyperbole imagery irony oxymoro palindrome paradox pun rhyme short story simile soliloquy

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